Sunday, June 27, 2010

ALA Sunday Update Part II

Hello again! Earlier today I gave an account of Day 3 of my ALA experience. I can now give you an update on Day 4 as my day comes to an end. Early this morning I met the RUSA folks at the Literary Tastes Breakfast. My duties were to take tickets, give out programs and do some general set up for the event. The event consisted of several authors (Dan Chaon, Melvin Konner, Laney Salisbury, David Small and Adriana Trigiani) addressing the attendees about their writing. The attendees, who paid for the event, got breakfast and free books signed by the authors. Fun! I stayed for the program, which was interesting and entertaining.

After work was done, I headed out to an afternoon session: the Annual Reference Research Forum. This session was the most informative session I have attended so far. Three different research projects were introduced and discussed: The Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries (ERIAL) Project (; "Do LibGuides Make a Difference? A Quasi-Experimental Investigation Into the Impact of LibGuides" (Presented by Steven J. Bell); and "Minding the Gap: Generational Differences in Attitudes toward Reference Service in Academic Libraries" (

Each presentation gave an overview of the research, findings and conclusions. I have to say that the LIS 7996 research course I took last semester was really helpful in understanding the studies presented. It was interesting to hear how some results contradicted with what was expected. I also enjoyed hearing how the studies could be improved. So far this session proved what this conference is all about - new trends, studies and research.

I also tried to attend a second session this afternoon titled: "Area Studies Librarianship, Globalization, and Interdisciplinary Studies in Today's and Tomorrow's Academic & Research Libraries." I was interested in this session because my undergraduate degree is in Interdisciplinary Studies. However, I found the presentation to be a bit dry after a great earlier session and found it hard to concentrate. Since this session took place in a small room, it was standing room only and I chose to give my seat to another more interested party.

I have a long work day tomorrow and will give a report tomorrow evening. See you then!


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