Friday, September 22, 2006

Separation of Church, State run amok?

A federal court in California has ruled that public libraries can bar religious groups from using their meeting rooms for religious services. This is after an Evangelical Church was denied the use of a public library meeting room for its service. Basically, the court ruled that religious groups can use the library to discuss religious issues, but the library can ban them from actually holding service (praying , preaching, and whatnot). The library says that the ban is in the interest of Separation of Church and State; that the taxpayers should not be funding religious activity.

This really is tough for me to say, but I disagree with the library on this issue. And this is scary for me because I'm actually disagreeing with librarians and agreeing with the Bush administration who have sided with the Evangelicals (big suprise, right?), and I took my meds today, not running a fever or anything. But I really don't believe that the framers of the Consitution had this in mind when they wrote about Separation of Church and State and that the library is restricting the group's First Amendment rights. It's not as if the library is promoting one religion over an other. Religious expression is still covered by the freedom of expression.

Here are a couple articles on the ruling. Read them and let me know what you think.


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