Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hi Everybody!
I just wanted to say what's up and share the few photos I have from volunteering at the ALA conference last month. A bunch of us were sent to the Algiers Branch of the New Orleans Public Library to sort through book donations. The building itself was not significantly damaged by Katrina, but its collection was. Because it was not in critical condition it became the dumping ground for about 250,ooo book donations. Most books were donated to an organization by the name of Better World Books that will sell the books and donate the profits to all the New Orleans branches. Paperbacks were given to ALA/FEMA sites for local residents, and books that were deemed "thrift" were sent away to be recycled. It was very satisfying (and fun!) to work with other librarians, students and their families and friends for a good cause. It was estimated that we got through 100,000 books in eight hours. Not bad!


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