Monday, July 09, 2007

Ok I have to admit that I wasn't too thrilled with the whole 'hipster librarian' article. But when Jessamyn West (one of the librarians quoted in the article) mentioned it in her blog, it brought everything into a new light.

Earlier this year, in the poster session class, our final requirement was to attend the Literacy Workshop at WSU. The keynote speaker was Jack Lessenberry, a 'hardcore' journalist who spoke to us about how cool we all were. Why? Because we promote literacy every day. Unfortunately, he had to mention (and dwell upon the fact) that we are the absolute worst at self-promoting.

My point? Any publicity is good publicity. And if people see the stereotype start to change, all the better for us, as we'll be attracting attention. In the long run, we'll be attracting more people to literacy of every sort, even if we have tattoos, piercings, and Dewey Decimal numbers for drinks.


  • " The Media, On Saturating mercilessly with regards to your supposed hipness
    It's not enough to get national media attention in the New York Times for being a young librarian who doesn't fit all of the dumb, tired stereotypes so make sure that you make your presence as ubiquitous as possible by yakking to every reporter in the New York area about your little group hangout in Disgusting, Irritating, Self-Entitled Hipster Hell (aka Williamsburg and Greenpoint). And as for trying to remake the image of the typical librarian, how about not going out of your way to tell the entire journalistic world 'See, we're normal. We leave our houses just like you do. Really, we do.'" ~

    My sentiments exactly...if we keep telling people how normal and hip we are we just seem creepier. I think the whole thing it funny to say the least.

    By Blogger Manda, At Thursday, July 12, 2007  

  • That page: actually has some funny comments from other librarians as well!

    By Blogger Monster Library Student, At Thursday, July 12, 2007  

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