Friday, February 27, 2009

Share your ideas with SOLIS's new Liaison to Online Students

In order to better understand the unique needs of students in the online LIS Program as well as traditional students who primarily take online classes, SOLIS has created a new officer position.

The Liaison to Online Students will work to communicate with distance learning students in order to find out what types of communication, outreach and events suit them best.

Online student, Mercedes Miramontes was recently elected to this position and she wants to hear from you! Please contact her offlist at We encourage you to share your ideas on how SOLIS can better serve you. Do you want more events taped and posted on Mediasite? Do you think Solis should create a blog just for online students? Do you think Solis should reinstate its presence on Blackboard?

We want to find ways to get online students more actively involved in SOLIS and the other student organizations, but we need to hear from you!


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