Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The times, they are a-changin...

This made me laugh this morning:

From Annoyed Librarian:
A commenter on the guybrarian post last week wrote:

"wait a minute - just what makes a guybrarian a guybrarian? i think it's a little more subtle than penis + mls = guybrarian.

for example, take your comment on jackets. don't most guybrarians enter the profession so they can avoid ever having to wear a jacket and tie until they are embalmed in a casket? if they were willing to wear jackets and ties, wouldn't they be 'library directors' instead of 'guybrarians'?"

That was certainly what male librarians used to be called--library director. That hasn't necessarily been the case for a while, but it certainly was for a long time.

I wonder - do they have a male term for nurse? Or teacher? These are both (or were at one time) known as female occupations. What about female CEOs? Do they get a special name now that they've taken over a "male job" ? (I mean, besides cutthroat bitch.)