Saturday, June 30, 2007

You can go ahead a remove me from the blog as I shall no long have the opportunity to contribute anymore.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What I Learned at ALA

  • Be easy on yourself - There is a lot going on at the conference: programs, events, discussions, vendors, placement services, etc. I wanted to do everything, but by the end of the first day I wanted to have a primal scream session and collapse. The next day, I mentioned how overwhelmed I felt to a woman who helped run the placement services and she assured me that this was normal and that you really have to pick and choose only a few things to do each day; if you're planning on looking for a job at the placement services, plan on spending a good chunk of your time there. Also, remembering to make time to eat is a good idea.
  • Social events are great for networking - Sunday night I went to the New Members Round Table Social where I not only made new friends who are also recent grads looking for jobs, but I also met the State Librarian of California, the president of PLA, and the president of the Boston Public Library. The new president of ALA was also there, but I didn't get a chance to say hi. I also made a fool of myself on the dance floor, which probably negated any possibility that any of these people will take me seriously in the future. I have to say though, that you really haven't lived until you've seen hundreds of librarians trying to dance.
  • The conference paradox - Although as a "newbie," the conference was quite overwhelming, it was empowering as well. There is something about being around tens of thousands of members of your profession that can make you feel pretty good about your career choice.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Did you know 2.0

Saturday, June 23, 2007

ALA Update

After I wrote my last blog, I went to the Library of Congress for a special after hours event they had for ALA attendees. This was quite the experience. Basically, they let us roam around the main reading room and some of the librarians who work there told us about the history of the room. We even got to go below the central desk for a peek at the inner workings of the library and the stacks that are off limits to the public. All the attendee librarians were like kids in a candy store.

Then I attended the premiere of Hollywood Librarian, a documentary about librarians and how they have been stereotyped through film. This was an excellent film that was at times funny and heartbreaking. You can see the trailer on youtube if you search the title. The writer/director is asking that libraries show it to their patrons (for a fee) during Banned Books Week.

This experience is pretty overwhelming on many different levels. There is so much going on and I want to see everything and meet everyone, but I'm trying to take it easy on myself and pick and choose events carefully. Also, as a very new MLIS graduate, with my future as a librarian still in front of me, it is a little daunting to face all this information at once.

Friday, June 22, 2007

ALA Conference - Day 1

Expect to feel lost. Those were Dr. Holley's words of wisdom he gave me last week when we were talking about the ALA Annual. Well I'm at the conference now, and he was right: I definately feel lost. And in more than one way. When you register as a first-time attendee, they give you a bright yellow ribbon to let everybody know that you are a newbie (the ribbon cleverly has the word "new" spelt out with a picture of a bumble bee next to it). Its like those signs they have on student driver cars that say, "look out, this person has no idea what they are doing, and they might hurt you or themselves."

Here's is some advice if you are planning to use the Career Placement Services and would like to have your resume critiqued before handing it out: get there and sign up early. Although every thing said that the service opened at noon today, there was an orientation that started at 11:30 that I did not know about this and people had already signed up to schedule appointments for the resume critiques. Now I have to wait until tomorrow to get that done. Most of the libraries that I've talked to were not interviewing here, but I have a stack of applications to fill out.

LOC Announces Copyright Beta Testing

In July 2007, the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress will initiate a beta-testing phase in the development of its automated registration system, electronic Copyright Office (eCO). Requests to participate in eCO beta testing are being accepted from the public.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Looking for Leadership - LIS Student Organizations

It is my understanding that many of us will be graduating and we're going to have to initiate all the newbies. Brian and I have discussed starting Wiki. It will take the form of a Student Organization Handbook. We started from scratch pretty much and we think that future leaders need not re-invent the wheel.

In this wiki, we're going to discuss EVERYTHING WE CAN THINK OF, including:
  • How to get money for your org
  • Fundraising
  • What type of events & workshops are popular
  • How to set up a general email account
  • How to set up your own listserv
  • Where to get your stuff archived and saved for future student leaders
  • Contact names (both from WSU and from our respective organizations)
  • Working with Student Council (read, getting MORE money)
  • Important annual events (orientations, open houses, etc)
  • How to get involved off-campus
  • Writing an annual report
  • Becoming an "official" group on campus (Dean of Students Office)

There are MANY more things that we'll cover. Brian and I have agreed to get going on this in July, when our scedules clear up a little. What are your suggestions? What do you want to know?

Also, many of the orgs are looking for a few good men and women to take over the leadership. It is my belief that taking on this type of responsibility will enrich your time at Wayne State and it will boost your resume to the front of the pack.